Final Blog Post

Learning how to knit, the last couple of months, has been really enjoyable. It was tough in the beginning but now it is a lot more natural. I learned how to do knit stitch very easily and I can somewhat do pearl stitch. So far for the projects I have worked on I have stuck to the knit stitch because I am more confident in it than the pearl stitch. I am definitely not an amazing knitter, or very fast, but I really like knitting. It is fun to have something that keeps my hands busy while I watch tv or have free time. I wish I would have had more time during the year to knit but school has kept me pretty busy. Thankfully summer is coming, and now I have something to do on those rainy days.


Biting off More than I can Chew 

(Casting on more than I can, or want, to knit) The plan was to make a scarf, and I’m probably still going to make one, but it’s going to be MUCH larger than I had in mind, and it’s going to take a lot more time. When I started I casted on far too many stitches, meaning the width of my scarf is super wide. I can’t make a wide and short scarf because that would be really strange, so the plan is to make it really long to even it out. So far I’ve used up two things of wool, and Im planning on using three more. That’s five balls of wool! I might end up using it as a throw over on my chair instead, because I don’t know anybody who needs this big of a scarf! It’s definitely a work in progress. 

I Made Something!

As a mentioned in my last post, my Oma showed me how to knit a washcloth (or a dookie). The washcloth I made is made out of cotton wool so it can be used in the kitchen and then thrown in a washing machine. It was pretty simple to make, just very time consuming. I started out by casting on about 40 stitches and then I knit knit knit (knit stitch) until it formed a square. Casting off was a little tricky but my Oma showed me some tips and helped me to complete the washcloth. Now it is ready to be used!

Knitting with Oma 

Over the may long weekend my Mom and I headed up to Ontario where my Oma lives. It was a busy weekend full of lots of visiting with family, but we managed to squeeze in some time to knit (mostly in the car.) My goal was to make a wash cloth, or a ‘dookie’ (as my Oma calls it.) When we found time to knit I worked on a simpler washcloth while my Oma worked on something a little more complicated, but a lot faster. My Oma has been knitting since she was six years old so she has a lot of experience and was able to teach me a lot. One thing my Oma taught me was that you need smaller needles for certain types of yarn and that it tells you what size needles you need on the yarn. She also taught me that to make a washcloth you need to use cotton wool. Luckily my Oma had plenty of needles and extra yarn for me to use. 

As I made the washcloth she pointed out ways to make the stitches less tight, and she helped me when the yarn fell off of the needles. She also taught me that it is easier to knit with a ball of yarn rather than a cylinder. She showed me how to make a cylinder of yarn into a ball, and it is much easier to use because the yarn unravels nicer. When I was done the washcloth she taught me how to cast off and then she got me started on my next project, a scarf. I am really enjoying knitting, and I am glad that I was able to visit with my Oma, and learn from her. 


We were asked to reflect on how our passion project relates to some of the through lines. As I looked through the list beauty creating was the obvious connection. Although I haven’t actually made anything ‘beautiful’, beauty creating involves using your creativity. When we use our creativity we reflect God’s image because he used his creativity to make the Earth. Spending time knitting is a good way to reflect God’s image in a small way. Knitting also relates to order discovery. There’s definitely an order to discover while knitting. The yarn can’t just come together on its own. It takes a while to discover how to make a stitch but the more I tried and watched demonstrations, the more I understood. Order discovering is about finding order in God’s creation, knitting is a small way to do this also. The last through line that connects to my passion project is community building. It may not be a large community but I am excited to spend time with my Oma (next week) as she teaches, further, how to knit. Connecting knitting with these through lines is a bit of a stretch but all in all knitting is a good way to spend some time being creative and productive, and I’ve noticed that it is also a good time to think. 

Practicing and Learning 

I’ve been continuing to practice casting on and knit stitching, but I’ve also learnt how to do another stitch called the pearl stitch. To learn I used a beginners knitting manual and looked on YouTube. The pearl stitch is very similar to the knit stitch except you go from the top of the loop instead of the bottom. The plan is to practice these techniques a little more until I am knitting cleaner and then I will learn how to cast off (how to get the yarn off of the needle). After I have mastered these four techniques I would like to make a small wash cloth.

The beginning 

Thanks to YouTube and a beginners knitting book I have slowly begun to knit. I’ve learnt that there are 4 main parts of knitting. Casting on, knit stitch, pearl knit, and binding off. So far I’ve learned how to cast on and how to knit stitch. Casting on is how you get the yarn onto the needle and a knit stitch is a simple knitting technique. Although these things are simple for people who have been knitting their whole life they were a bit tricky for me to learn. After hours of failed attempts and re starting over and over again I was able to figure them out. I still need to practice these techniques in order to make cleaner knit stitches but the picture below is what I’ve done so far. 


For my passion project I am going to learn how to knit. I’ve always wanted to knit and I tried teaching myself when I was younger, but I’ve never figured it out. I thought this would be a good opportunity for me to learn. The plan is to start off simple and eventually make a scarf or a blanket depending on how long things take. My Oma is a great knitter so I chose her to be my mentor. She lives in Ontario which means most of my learning will be online and over the phone, but I’ll be visiting her in May. By the end of this project I hope to have a new hobby and I’m super excited about that.