Knitting with Oma 

Over the may long weekend my Mom and I headed up to Ontario where my Oma lives. It was a busy weekend full of lots of visiting with family, but we managed to squeeze in some time to knit (mostly in the car.) My goal was to make a wash cloth, or a ‘dookie’ (as my Oma calls it.) When we found time to knit I worked on a simpler washcloth while my Oma worked on something a little more complicated, but a lot faster. My Oma has been knitting since she was six years old so she has a lot of experience and was able to teach me a lot. One thing my Oma taught me was that you need smaller needles for certain types of yarn and that it tells you what size needles you need on the yarn. She also taught me that to make a washcloth you need to use cotton wool. Luckily my Oma had plenty of needles and extra yarn for me to use. 

As I made the washcloth she pointed out ways to make the stitches less tight, and she helped me when the yarn fell off of the needles. She also taught me that it is easier to knit with a ball of yarn rather than a cylinder. She showed me how to make a cylinder of yarn into a ball, and it is much easier to use because the yarn unravels nicer. When I was done the washcloth she taught me how to cast off and then she got me started on my next project, a scarf. I am really enjoying knitting, and I am glad that I was able to visit with my Oma, and learn from her. 


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