We were asked to reflect on how our passion project relates to some of the through lines. As I looked through the list beauty creating was the obvious connection. Although I haven’t actually made anything ‘beautiful’, beauty creating involves using your creativity. When we use our creativity we reflect God’s image because he used his creativity to make the Earth. Spending time knitting is a good way to reflect God’s image in a small way. Knitting also relates to order discovery. There’s definitely an order to discover while knitting. The yarn can’t just come together on its own. It takes a while to discover how to make a stitch but the more I tried and watched demonstrations, the more I understood. Order discovering is about finding order in God’s creation, knitting is a small way to do this also. The last through line that connects to my passion project is community building. It may not be a large community but I am excited to spend time with my Oma (next week) as she teaches, further, how to knit. Connecting knitting with these through lines is a bit of a stretch but all in all knitting is a good way to spend some time being creative and productive, and I’ve noticed that it is also a good time to think. 


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